Biden Administration’s Increase of American Federalism at the Cost of American Wealth and Freedom

by Taylor MacHenry

America’s second President, John Adams, would be elated with the dramatic increase of the strong central government in Washington, DC more stringently controlling the states and the people. Adams likened the Federalist Government to act in the same respect that a King would rule in a monarchy. Of course, Thomas Jefferson and his cohorts in the Republican Party (later called Democratic-Republican Party) led the Opposition to Adams and his Federalists who had cut their teeth on Thomas Hobbes Leviathan.

Generally speaking, most Americans embrace the ideals of Jefferson’s opposition to federalism, because it holds that Freedom is born with the People and Limited Powers are given to the Government by the People as the People determine that the Government needs to adequately operate. Yet, free money waved at the hungry masses always wins over sound thinking. So, the people take the money without considering the consequences of Socialism taking away their Freedom of Choice, Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Faith and Freedom to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

An overriding Federal Government, by its very nature, dictates to the People what the Government believes that the People ought to have and not have. It sees itself as the benevolent Great White Father, and Joe Biden is the embodiment of the Great White Father. And he knows best. Just ask him and he will tell you.

Hold on. So will Donald Trump. He is outspoken about being the smartest man in the nation, and he has no doubts that he can dictate to you how best you can live your life.

So, what’s the difference between Joe Biden and Donald Trump? Biden is soft spoken. However, as individual presidents, they are both driven by much the same engine. Neither man has many morals or scruples, and both men subscribe to any ideals that rewards them with power and dominion.

It would be nice to just elect a government rather than a person as President. Because it is the government that surrounds the President that matters. A collective mindset, Conservative or Liberal or a Blend of Both, that guides Economic Policy, National Defense, Foreign Policy and Domestic Policy (which includes Energy Policy).

Trump’s policies embraced many of President Ronald Reagan’s blend of Conservative and Middle-of-the-Road politics. Trump’s government was a long way left of Libertarian while still embracing Conservative ideals. It netted a result of a powerful economy and growing industry in America with lowering fuel and energy prices. However, the Chinese economic attack on the world, the COVID-19 Pandemic, derailed even the most powerful and energetic economies. It crippled the Trump government’s economic boom, and it paved the way for a far-left led, so-called Progressive (more Socialist than Democratic) victory in the 2020 election that made Joe Biden President.

Removing the Politics from the view, and just looking at the bare facts, the Biden Presidency has claimed the future happiness of most Americans, leaving nearly everyone deep in debt and struggling to make ends meet even with minimum wages set above $15 dollars an hour. Inflation is the cruelest of Poor Taxes. It robs families of food, warmth and clothing. It leaves working people enslaved to just surviving. And the wealthy, blind bastards who lead this government have not one clue.

Biden’s government brags today that they have heralded great success for America. Voters need to re-elect this presidency to keep the successes rolling.

Joseph Goebbels mentored Adolf Hitler in the 1920s and gave the Austrian paper hanger the central idea of Mein Kampf (My Fight): Say a Big Lie and keep repeating it as Truth. If we repeat the Big Lie long enough and people begin to believe it as Truth and repeat it as Truth then The Big Lie becomes Truth.

We do not portend that Biden nor Trump presidencies are anything akin to Hitler or his mentor Goebbels ideals, but both politicians do embrace the notion of selling America on their own Big Lie. And when people believe the Big Lie as Truth then it is always bad. Politicians since Caesar have had difficulty with Truth, especially when it gets in the way of their garnering power and dominion. However, the constant problem with The Big Lie is that it always hurts the People.

Just as in America today, The Big Lie has resulted in a nation polarized with Hate. And in the past three years, The Big Lie has resulted in a nation of people suffering under higher taxes, higher cost of living, less opportunity, borders in crisis, and a record national debt with no hope of ever turning it around. Most importantly, The Big Lie has resulted in Less Freedom by the railroading of Federal Laws and misguided State Laws, all written in the name of keeping people safe.

Here’s a secret: Laws do NOT keep people safe. People keep People safe.

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